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Kanchipuram Silk Sarees: The origin!

From many years we have lived an era and today in the millennial generation we all live, we get curious about almost everything, we need answers in every sense when it comes to trying something new or being a first timers. Coming to the point today,  kanchipuram silk sarees is an art in the field of fashion. From the origin to how it will look or the material will be good or not to many questions like this goes on and on.

When it comes to the important aspect of traditions then kanchipuram silk sarees plays an important part in it! The word ‘Kanchipuram Silk Sarees’ brings the our mind to the attention of the sheen, richness and lustre of a kanchipuram silk sarees!

Taking its name from the land of thousand temples, Kanchipuram. The city comes with two popular things, one of which we all know the awe-inspiring architecture and second the Queen of silk sarees- Kanchipuram silk sarees!

With the alluring combination of mulberry silk threads, silver & gold threads and dye, kanjivaram pure silk sarees are made. Originally kanchipuram wedding silk sarees are the important part of South India in respect of marriages, functions, ceremonies and every special day. From many year in South India kanchipuram silk sarees are worn by all age women in every other kind of ceremonies and this is passed from one generation to another!

The era of kanchipuram silk sarees begins from way back around 400 years ago! The king of Chola dynasty “Krishnadevaraya” has taken good effort for the silk trade. The then-famous two weaving groups called “Saligars” and “Devangas” settled in the district of Kanchipuram and exhibited their expertise in silk weaving here. Though this splendid art suffered a temporary setback during the French invasion in the 17th century, later on it gained momentum. With that kanchipuram silk sarees has three parts mainly divided into the body, the pallu and the border which comes in variants of pattern and colors.


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