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You Don’t Know Facts about Kanchipuram Pattu Sarees!

From some know facts to many unknown fact, here we are again with a new shot to kanchipuram pattu sarees and every time the name comes kanchipuram pattu sarees it comes with lots of question about from where it is, how it is and other questions.

Kanchi Silk Sarees are originated from the land of a small town in Tamil Nadu, Kanchipuram. One of the finest sarees in India, Kanchipuram silk sarees are the mixture of pure mulberry thread, gold and silver zari work with traditions and cultures.

With their unique gold cloth, heavy silk and motifs they became finest kanchi silk sarees and they are worn on festivals and other important occasions such as wedding. The weavers of silk sarees believes to be descendants of Sage Markanda, a master weaver who wove tissue from lotus fiber in Hindu mythology and due to its nature and complexity, the kanchipuram silk sarees take more than a half month to complete one.

The original kanchipuram silk sarees are known for their woven pattern through pure mulberry silk with gold and silver zari all the way from Gujarat! Combing the culture and tradition of two different states, kanchi silk sarees is a three silk thread sarees which gives it their weight and the interesting fact about kanchi silk sarees is that borders and body of the kanchipuram silk sarees are made separately and stitched together to make a strong bond representing the tradition.

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