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Pure Silk Sarees Beyond Elegance

      Pure Silk Sarees: Beyond Elegance

             A saree is not just a mere form of clothing, it is an epitome of versatility and elegance for an Indian woman. It is that alluring piece of cloth that can effortlessly bring out the grace and style of a woman. The nine yards of aesthetic fabric, representing the bona fide traditional clothing of India, is now recognized and appreciated across the globe. This national heritage – ethnic attire has now taken a face of an undisputed fashion statement in India as well as abroad. Be it any traditional function or in daily routine or by a prominent leader or any successful lady, saree is worn by an Indian woman in all stages and ages of life.

           Saree comes in different forms and types of fabric, to name a few – Cotton, Linen, Georgette, Chiffon, Silk, etc. But the most awed and looked upon fabric is Pure Silk. The elegant gleaming and lustrous fabric of Pure Silk has a special soft corner in the hearts of Indian woman. We are so awestruck and mesmerized by this smooth and shiny piece of clothing that we are compelled to associate Pure Kanjivaram Silk saree with richness and grandeur. Wearing a Pure Silk saree automatically brings out the class, style, and luxurious feel yet making a woman look graciously ladylike.


Folded Pure Silk Sarees
Folded Kanjeevaram Sarees


  Pure Silk sarees are a part of all vital occasions including the most important event of life – wedding! A bride can totally dazzle in her authentic traditional silk saree. Thus, an Indian woman’s wardrobe is truly incomplete without a designer Silk saree and so is a bride’s wedding trousseau. The magnanimity and love for these sarees are such that it is not only worn or gifted on a special occasion, but also treasured for their next generation. The value and affinity for Pure Silk sarees in India is such that they are even considered as sacred and auspicious and are offered to the revered Goddesses.

            Plain Silk sarees come in an array of colors and prints which makes it easy to glam up in a way one may please. The best part about these sarees is that they look rich and lustrous in any form of color, thus giving the option to experiment with multiple variations. Also, unlike other materials, Silk saree will stay the way one has draped it, without getting crumpled or crushed. Pure Silk sarees are easy to drape and carry making one look a class apart amidst the crowd. Hence, Pure Silk is one such yarn that accentuates the grace, elegance, ethnicity, richness and classy style of a woman.

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