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Soft Silk Saree: A lesson in Pure Handloom!

The era is here when the women focuses on modern styling ways, as they have started experimenting with  their styling, fashion, clothing. But in the same era, their are women who still prefer traditional styling methods and fashion! 

Just like women's love for silk, the land of pure handloom and silk brings out the right choice for royalty in the name of the fine textile!

Taking million of hearts across the world, we are here to talking about Soft Silk Sarees Pure Handloom  is one of the kind of  soft silk sarees. People often get confused between Silk Sarees and soft silk sarees. Silk comes with shimmering appearance and interrupting patterns of weave because of its natural fibre whereas soft silk sarees comes without the coating of a specific type of Glue which gives stiffness to sarees. 

When colors in pure silk are assiduously picked and the fabrics are weaved together with luxuriance of love along with different patterns, this kind of soft silk sarees designs are born.

The processing techniques of soft silk sarees were taken from Chinese technology, where basic techniques are reeling and degumming. In India, majorly the raw silk comes from Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir. 

The elegance of these lightweight soft silk sarees make woman choose over any designer sarees collection. That is how subtle and fashion goes hand in hand!


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