Handloom Silk Sarees

The History of handloom

History can be the result of some forces and factors such as geographical, social, religious, etc. In India, every part has evolved its own textile tradition and each region is known for the production of special varieties of handloom sarees. It’s a fact that Handloom is the largest unorganized economic activity after agriculture in India. Handloom saree weaving started as a family enterprise and one of India's cottage industries. You should know that the handloom sarees are made from silk or cotton or any mixed silk threads. As we know Traditionally the process of thread dyeing and warping was done by outsourcing and sizing, attaching the warp, weft winding and weaving were done by the skillful weavers.

What is the purpose of a handloom?

Did you know that loom is a device used to weave cloth the basic purpose of this device is to keep the warp threads under tension to facilitate the interweaving of the weft threads the shape, size of this device and its mechanic may vary but the basic Handloom Functions remains the same.

Look Beautiful and Elegant with Handloom Sarees

Indian culture and tradition have a fascination for beautiful handloom sarees. The handloom sarees design, charm and ethereal beauty that the hand-woven fabrics cannot be replaced by mill fabrics. India has some of the best Talented artisans from different regions who exhibit native art forms through the yards of fabric. Women who love handloom sarees do not only like the designs or fabric of the saree but also the creativity of the artisans in weaving the beautiful sarees.

The Handloom Silk Saree Collection

If you have the plan of buying the beautiful Indian handloom saree online, you should look for an online store like Fasnic.com to get the beautiful handloom silk sarees collection. We have various types of handloom silk sarees, such as south Indian special pattu sarees, Kanjipuram handloom silk sarees, Bridal sarees collection, and Pure Soft Silk Sarees. The handloom saree collection of Fasnic.com is unique. As we know every Indian state has its own specialty in handloom sarees. The artisans have their own set of skills and talents which results in different patterns and designs, paintings and embroidery work to make each handloom saree mesmerizing. Handloom sarees are one of the best Indian ethnic wears for all the occasions

How to find whether a silk saree is weaved in handloom or not?

When the saree is observed closely, the pattern of weaving will be uneven in handloom as it’s done by humans alone whereas you will find the even pattern for the once which are manufactured in power loom as they are weaved through machines.
Even by observing carefully and noticing the finishing of the butta on the back side of the saree and also by checking the smaller holes on the selvage of the saree it can be ensured as handloom saree or not but now, it’s not true anymore! Yes, nowadays these effects can be created by using power loom weaving as well and this is done intentionally, to sell the sarees as 'Handloom'.
If the width of the saree (weft) is more than 48 inches then for sure it should be handloom only as this width is not possible in power loom. note: Lesser than 48 inches of width is possible in both handloom and power loom.

Why does handloom sarees cost more than the power loom silk sarees?

Power looms use machines for weaving so it can produce more quantity of sarees than handloom so the labor cost drastically reduces. For example, if a weaver takes 1 day to weave 1 saree in handloom in the meantime labor in power loom can manufacture at least 4 sarees. Due to this huge variation in labor cost and the time required to produce handloom saree increases. So, the price of pure handloom saree will be moreOne fact is that the silk sarees which involves a lot of designs and work cannot be weaved in power loom and it can be weaved in handloom only. For example, silk sarees worth more than Rs 10k cannot be manufactured in power loom whereas in handloom we can manufacture sarees worth Lakhs of rupees with lots of efforts and time from skillful weavers.

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