Pattu Sarees

What is pattu saree?

‘Pattu Saree’ is a word commonly used in South India which means ‘Silk Saree’. These are one of the Indian traditional sarees. Some best quality pattu sarees are easily available in markets as well as online if you like to provide traditional touch in your outfit just find them in

How is pattu sarees made?

Silk sarees are made from some of the finest silk yarn, which is largely produced from silkworms. Sarees which are made from pure mulberry yarn are called as pure pattu sarees or pure silk sarees. The yarn is firstly woven and dyed into colorful, lustrous threads, which are then woven into fabrics with patterns and textures.

Some facts on pattu sarees

Pure pattu sarees are not just luminous but a prototype of every south Indian household Silk saree collection. Pure mulberry silk threads with pure gold-coated silver zari are the trademarks of a true pattu designer saree. But as times were changing, the preference is shifting to lighter sarees so the focus has shifted to half fine zaris, despite this, the pattu still remains the first choice for every Indian. No amount of artificial silks or poly silk material can create the same feeling an original pattu pudavai (Saree is called as Pudavai in Tamil) brings to have one, browse through for Pure Pattu Saree collection. As we all know that India is the largest consumer of silk in the world? And pattu fancy sarees are also the silk sarees. It’s Indian tradition to wear silk sarees during auspicious occasions. In most of the parts of India, In weddings, the bride is seen wearing a beautiful pattu saree.

What are the different types of Pattu Sarees?

South India has a very rich culture. All pattu sarees that come from each South Indian state have their own specialty uniqueness efforts by the weavers and style. Most portion of the total raw silk produced in India comes from Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh. The silk cloths woven from different areas in south vary in designs and patterns. Some of the most famous south Indian pattu sarees are Kanchipuram pattu sarees, Arani Pattu, Ellampalli Pattu sarees, Dharavaram pattu sarees, Mysore silk, Sirumugai Pattu sarees, etc.

The elegant culture of Pattu saree

Pure Pattu Sarees are extremely rich and heavy and their originality makes them the special outfit for our Indian culture. The sarees used by the bride and all the other women during weddings –were called the Kalyana Pattu Sarees in Tamil Nadu. (The word Kalyana means the wedding).We all should understand that, given their purity and craftsmanship, pattu sarees are expensive and heavy. Many times, their worth is estimated by the weight of zari and silk yarn used to make one pure pattu silk saree. The pattu saree price also states how wealthy and royal a bride’s family is, it acts as an indicator.

Pattu Saree Designs – A part of your Saree collections wardrobe

Pattu Sarees represent the glorious history of the Indian textile’s heritage. These sarees are fixed in the South Indian culture, and you would see them on every occasion of their life. So, pattu sarees are not only meant for weddings, Pattu fancy sarees are popularly worn by women for functions, festivals and all sorts of auspicious occasions. These South Indian sarees have gained worldwide popularity. So, not only the women of South India but also all the Indian women and saree lovers from all over the world admire and seek rich, stunning Pattu Sarees.

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