Pure Silk Sarees

The Tradition of Pure Silk Saree

The silk is also known for the efforts of the weaver’s, quality and craftsmanship, which has helped earn its name. Pure silk sarees are probably the most sought-after forms of Indian ethnic attire for weddings, festive occasions and other important celebratory occasions for most women in the country. They have been and will always be one of the best Indian ethnic attire and almost every single region of this beautiful country has its own traditional variation of the silk saree, making use of local silk fibers, methods of designing, dyeing and weaving processes.

How can you identify it’s pure silk?

Types of tests involved:
Burn test: Take a couple of thread from the warp (Length of saree) and weft (Width of saree) and burnt it from an end, if ash is left and it if smells like hair then its pure silk and in case of artificial silk there won't be smell or ash left.
Strength Test: When you keep extending the threads by holding it ends the stretchability and strength of the pure silk will be more than the artificial silk, means the artificial silk will cut faster than the pure silk.
Smoothness Test: Touch and feel the cloth of the saree, pure silk is smoother when compared to artificial silk.
Price Test: Pure silk saree cannot be available at very less price, considering 1 kg of silk costs Rs 5000 and at least 400 grams are required to manufacture a pure silk saree. If someone tells you that they can sell a pure silk saree for Rs 1500 then be aware that they are fooling you.
Even though there are a couple of tests available for identification, the end consumer can be duped in many ways by a trained salesman. So, make sure you buy your elegant passionate silk sarees from a Trustable Authentic Silk Saree Shop like fasnic.com

How is Pure Silk Saree different from Artificial or Mixed silk saree?

The 'pure silk' is a natural fiber made up of protein obtained from silkworm cocoon whereas Artificial or Mixed Silk is made up of manmade fibers like Rayon, viscose, Nylon, Polyester, etc.
The lifetime of the 'Pure Silk' is much more compared to the man-made 'Artificial Silk'.
The touch and feel of pure silk are smoother and silky than an artificial fiber.

Buy Pure Silk Saree Online

For those who are desperately looking to have some stunning silk sarees into their collections, the best option for them is to buy pure silk sarees online, from a well-reputed online ethnic fashion website such as Fasnic.com An authentic and exclusively online store for silk sareesWhat is the price difference between Pure silk saree and Artificial Silk saree? The price of the saree will obviously depend on the work involved in it but considering the silk raw materials used 1 kg of pure silk costs Rs 5000 and note that after coloring 25% of the weight will be lost so the price increases up to Rs 7000 per kg. On the other hand, Artificial or manmade silk costs only Rupees 300 to 350 per kg. So, there is a huge difference between pure silk saree and artificial silkThe dream of owning a pure silk sareeSilk is one kind of fabric which has been used as royalty symbol since ancient times. Pure silk sarees in India are favored for their elegance, shine, designs, and durability. When it comes to a grand event or any festivals, There can be no attire which would meet the royalty and luxurious look that pure silk saree would give. With the beautiful collections of pure silk sarees online. Fasnic will help you achieve the dream of owning the purest traditional ethnic wears. At Fasnic your wish to buy pure silk sarees is met with an exhaustive collection to match your aspirations. The specialty of ‘Pure Silk Saree’ is the quality and purity of the silk raw material used to weave that saree. The shine it gives and the efforts behind weaving the saree and the excellent look it provides is a thing of joy and piece of artistic excellence. This collection of pure south silk sarees online on Fasnic presents itself as a fascinating choice for a party saree and bridal silk wear. Be it a semi-formal gathering, a religious ceremony or a wedding, these sarees complement your happiness and glow on your face.

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