Soft Silk Sarees

What is Soft Silk Saree?

'Soft silk sarees' is also one of the categories in silk sarees whereas the only difference is that glue is not applied after the saree is weaved while in other categories of silk sarees once the saree is weaved in handloom a specific type of glue is applied to maintain the sarees stiffness, so after undraping soft silk sarees couple of times, ironing and dry cleaning may be required to make it wrinkle free and to maintain the stiffness. Soft silk sarees are all inspired by the pure threads of silk fiber, our soft silk sarees are the ideal representation of the elegance. We have put all our efforts to give you the perfect soft silk saree design so that you will be delighted once you make a purchase from The Quality of silk is better defined by its grace and good elegance of style. Thus, we offer you a catalog of a wide range of collections to buy soft silk sarees online. Select one among all the elegant collections of lightweight soft silk sarees online and give yourself a beautiful traditional look.

The elegance of Soft Silk Saree

Saree is one of the grateful attires that determines the cultural heritage of India. This beautiful silk yard is essential in every Indian women’s saree collections closet and when it is worn around it brings out a stunning elegant traditional Indian outlook. The elegance of Indian textiles is to be seen in the “Fasnic” an online store with a beautiful collection of handloom Kanchipuram silk sarees, soft silk sarees, etc. Going the way with the latest style transformations, has come up with a wide range of latest soft silk saree collections where you can choose from beautiful collections. Moreover, the delicate handwork done on the sarees by the skillful weavers is a piece of beautiful art which you can own for the grand occasions. Buy latest soft silk sarees from

Soft Silk Sarees Online brings you a wide range of collections and selection of soft silk sarees at the best prices. Browse and select for the beautiful occasions like festivals and family functions, and also give your routine days a beautiful and classy push. The soft silk collection of sarees at is everything you need to maintain a soft and elegant look. soft silk selection is stylish and colorful. These beautiful silk sarees are suitable for women of all age groups, they can use it every day as well as on some special occasions, The soft silk saree collections would be the best thing for every Indian woman.

How and when can we wear a Soft Silk Saree?

Find your sarees weaved in soft silk with traditional design by the skillful weavers, rest assured; you can wear a saree in threads of soft silk like a diva! Make the entire ensemble shinier and elegant by wearing a pair of beautiful jewelry in your wardrobe. You can wear a silk saree, whenever you want to! Like a birthday party. A family function on your colleague’s wedding, or an official lunch these set of beautiful soft silk saree collections will make your daySoft silk sarees are generally lightweight, can weight around 500grams. You should know that 'Pure Soft Silk Saree' is made up of Pure silk on both the Warp (Length) and Weft (Width) whereas Mixed Soft Silk saree might contain man-made synthetic fiber like Kota silk on the Weft and only silk on the Warp.

Buying tips for soft silk sarees?

Soft silk saree should be around 47 to 48 inches of the width (Weft).
Soft silk saree should be 216 inches length (Warp) but how can we measure it? Here is the answer when the saree is folded into 8 it should measure 27 inches, That’s easy, right?
The weight of the soft silk saree should be around 500 grams.

What is the difference between Kanjivaram silk saree and soft silk saree?

There is no difference in the raw materials like silk or zari used for weaving these sarees, it could be the same. Only the method used or the style of weaving makes the difference in the saree.
The thickness of the Kanjivaram saree will be more than soft silk saree as 4 threads are twisted into one single thread for the warp (Length of the saree) and 2 threads are twisted into one single thread for the weft (width of the saree).
The width of Kanjivaram silk saree will be around 49 to 50 inches and the width of soft silk sarees will be around 47 to 48 inches.
There is a difference in weight like the Kajivaram sarees will be at least 800 grams and the Soft silk saree will be 500 grams
Kanjivaram sarees are bit heavier than soft silk saree.

What will be the price of Genuine Pure Soft silk saree?

If only pure silk is used for manufacturing these sarees then the retail cost will be definitely around Rs 5000.
In case of using mixed or artificial silk then the retail price can drop to 2000 as well and this is how some shops are able to sell soft silk at that price.

How much silk is required as raw material for manufacturing soft silk sarees?

For single warp saree (Single thread used on the length of the saree) it needs around 400 grams of silk whereas for double warp sarees (2 thread are twisted into a single thread on the length) needs around 550 grams

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