Traditional Kanchipuram Sarees

What is Kanjivaram silk saree?

Kanjivaram also spelled as ‘Kanjeevaram’ or ‘Kanjipuram’ or ‘Kanchipuram’ or ‘Kancheepuram’ is a city located in the Northeastern part of Tamilnadu, 45 km from Chennai (the capital city of the state). The specialty of Kanjivaram and the main livelihood in the city is related to Silk Sarees. 'Kanjivaram silk sarees' are nothing but a certain style and method of weaving silk sarees in handloom, there's a myth that only the saree manufactured or weaved in the city Kanjivaram is 'Kanjivaram silk sarees' or else they are not but that’s not at all true even if the same weaving style and method is applied by a weaver in Banarasi for weaving a silk saree then it should be called as 'Kajivaram silk sarees' only.

The beginning of Kanchipuram sarees

The silk for Kanjivaram silk saree is produced from TamilNadu and the zari thread is derived from Gujarat. You can think how difficult it could be to weave two different yarn into each other so that they complement each other, but stay completely in Delight? The Kanchipuram silk Sarees from Tamilnadu and zari patterns from Gujarath both are woven separately first. The main highlight of pure Kanjivaram silk saree is its border and usually, it is worked on the later stage and is secured on the completion. The pure Kanchipuram silk sarees can be stated as South India’s version of North India’s Banaras sarees, not competing but complementing the sheer persistence and creativity of manual efforts. The Warping frame used in to weave this fabric to prepare Kanjivaram silk sarees has around 60 holes, in which there are 240 threads in the warp and 250 to 3000 threads in the weft, giving it a perfect feel. The pallu, the border and the body of the saree are separately woven, and then interlocked together with much precision and neatness

Where can I buy Pure and Genuine Kanjivaram silk sarees?

Well there are a bunch of trusted physical store all over India serving customers for decades in addition, to enable the convenient purchase and also to provide a wide variety of collections an authentic online store for silk sarees like is the best option to buy Kanchipuram saree online

How to find a Kanjivaram silk saree is genuine or not?

A genuine Kanjivaram silk saree will have a width of 49 to 50 inches because the design of Handlooms in Kanjivaram cannot weave less than 49-inch sarees, please note that the power looms (these are machines operated with electricity and no direct hand skill involved) can manufacture only between 46 to 47 inches. Make sure that the weight of Kancheepuram silk saree is at least 800 grams The cloth will be thicker when compared with other silk sarees, this is because a) The thread used on the length of the saree (Warp) is made up of twisting 2 threads into single thread and b) The thread used for the width of the saree (Weft) is made up of twisting 4 threads into a single thread.

How much time it will take to weave a Kanjivaram silk saree?

To weave a good quality latest Kanjivaram silk saree a weaver has to spend at least a week, so a weaver weaving Kanjivaram silk saree can manufacture only 4 sarees in a month maximum.

Trends in Kanjivaram sarees

Over the past decades, there have been a lot of innovations in the colour palette and designs used in Kanjivaramsilk saree designs which has wooed a global audience and kept them trending till date So, if you do not have a Kanchipuram traditional saree in your collections, then get one right away from and be a dazzling Indian diva!

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